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Photography by Sandy specialise in providing Communication and Marketing photography services to businesses - primarily within the Coatbridge, Airdrie and Glasgow city centre areas.

If you're running a business or a project/campaign for your company and considering hiring a photographer then please read on and allow me to convince you why you've come to the right place.

Many professional photographers specialise in a particular genre - an area of expertise where we can use our experience, knowledge and passion to obtain a successful outcome for themselves and their clients. My journey to becoming a Communication and Marketing Photographer is based upon a combination of my Sales and Marketing experience and further education.  

Companies I’ve worked for have varied in size from start-ups through to multi-nationals and covered a wide range of business sectors.  This has provided me with a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the many challenges and opportunities that arise for businesses whilst communicating and conducting their marketing activity - be it via printed media or online.

This knowledge and understanding is a major advantage for me over many of my fellow photographers in attracting you as a client - I don't take on any general photography work at all - I specialise solely on working with businesses and providing them with a wide variety of Communication and Marketing photography services.

Read on and I'll cover a few other areas that ought to interest you.

Business Benefits

The vast majority of businesses will, at some point, have a need for high quality photographs to use in their Communication Projects and Marketing Campaigns.
Photographs will help you to tell your story and to:

* Gain an edge on your competitors;

* Show that your business is both serious and credible;

* Generate a great first impression;

* Create desire, communicate quality, and foster trust;

* Raise the Profile of your business;

* Increase Social Media Engagement.

* Build familiarity and relationships;

* Keep online data about your company up to date;

* Tie your marketing together with a unified look;

And ultimately - maximise the effectiveness of your projects and campaigns.

Communication and Marketing Photographs

As many of you will know, there are an abundance of scenarios whereby you can incorporate photographs into your communication projects and marketing campaigns - the chances are that you'll also be well aware that the quality of any photographs that you use must also be of the highest possible standard - not only to be effective but to also generate and maintain a positive perception of your company and/or products.

Something else in your favour and to differenciate your business from your competition is that your photographs will be totally unique and used only by your company unlike some businesses that use stock photographs. There is a much greater emphasis nowadays on businesses to have an originality about them than ever before - prospective clients and customers are forever learning and most can now spot a stock photograph quite easily.

Below, I've listed some of the Communication and Marketing scenarios where your business would benefit from using top quality, unique photographs:

* Press Releases - Trade Press, Specialist Magazines, Local and Regional Newspapers, In-House Magazines, Events, Annual Reports;

* Client/Customer Communication - Website, Newsletters, Product Sheets, Case Studies, Social Media, Corporate Portraits, Site Photography;

* Marketing - Company Brochure, Company Calendar, Marketing Folios, Posters, Flyers, Newspaper Adverts and Advertorials, Google;

Service Delivery Process

Within this section, I'll tell you about how I work and what I do and what you can expect if you decide to become one of my clients.

Like everyone who works on their own, I'm restricted in how much I can do within any given period so I purposefully only take on a few clients at any one time - this assures my clients 100% commitment to their projects.

I deal personally with my clients throughout the process from the initial contact stage and I also do all the admin, photography... of course and any photoshop work that's required.
For many clients this consistancy is seen as an advantage too.
Below is an overview of the process:

* Contact made;
* Outline Brief discussed and quotation provided;
* Brief finalised and fee agreed;
* Shoot takes place;
* Unprocessed images uploaded to your dedicated gallery for proofing - usually on the day of the shoot;
* You select images for processing and I process and upload them to your gallery;
* Any additional processing or photoshop work completed and images made ready for you to download;
* Invoice issued and upon payment permission to use images is granted.

Here's some additional information that may be useful to you as well:

Your Brief - I'm happy to use your brief or alternatively I can direct you to a quick and easy form to complete on this site.
Your Gallery - This will be created on this website and will be password protected which will prevent any third-parties from viewing your images.
Scope of Usage - All images supplied are based on "Unlimited Usage for an Unlimited Timescale" - This entitles you to use the photographs for all potential marketing, advertising, web, and print use for an unlimited period of time.
Fees - are totally dependant upon your Brief and it's complexity but as a very rough guide you would normally pay £120 for upto one hour of photography with the supply of upto eight images.
Additional Costs - applicable only upon request for advanced post processing and/or image manipulation - charged at £60 per hour.

( As a small business with turnover less than the current V.A.T. threshold, Photography by Sandy is not V.A.T. registered and does not charge V.A.T.)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I run Photography by Sandy on my own and manage every aspect of the business with an enormous amount of dedication and passion, I've nurtured it along for over 6 years now and it means the absolute World to me. It is of course in my best interests to guarantee you satisfaction with every aspect of my service to you - which I do - but let me assure you too that it's also in my nature to go that extra mile and try my utmost to provide you with added value and an all round fantastic experience.

It is always my aim to get things right first time but as conscientious as I am, unfortunately I'm not (yet) infallible and genuine mistakes or misunderstandings can (though very rarely) do happen - if one happens then you have my word that I'll do everything I possibly can to put things right - if it requires a re-shoot then of course I'll be more than willing to do that at no extra cost to yourself.

Become a Client

Thanks for reading this far, I hope that it's been worthwhile and encouraged you enough to want to become a client. If so, you can get things underway by clicking the button below to complete the Quotation Request form and I'll get back to you at my earliest opportunity.

I hope that at very least I will leave a positive impression with you and that you'll keep me in mind for your next project or campaign.